I can say “I’m a feminist” without feeling embarrassed anymore.

Feminism has really blown up in the last 12 months, hasn’t it?  More and more people are truly beginning to understand its message and ideologies – not female superiority, not male inferiority, god no.  Equality!  That’s what it’s all about.

Both men and women have been working pretty damn hard this past year in attempt to bring about a safer, more equal society for us all.  And while there’s still a long way to go, we have been lucky enough to see a monumental surge in support for feminism all over the world.

Not everyone has warmed to the idea, but I for one can say it sure feels good to be rid of that anxiety that follows you when you tell people I am a feminist.  I don’t feel scared or nervous anymore.  Sometimes I still get the odd look, but it’s not like I have it tattooed on my forehead, for god’s sake.

Before publishing my first International Women’s Day post last year, feminism only used to come up in conversation a few drinks down on a standard night out – I wasn’t really ever brave enough to mention it unless a little intoxicated.  Routinely, it was met with a roll of the eyes and a response of “oh blimey, here she goes again.  Quick, get her another drink to shut her up.”

I recall waking up on March, 8th 2014 with a total bitch of a hangover, piecing back together a conversation I’d had with my housemates in the kitchen at around 4am about Lily Allen and her views on feminism.  Knowing it was International Women’s Day, I got out my laptop and began typing out my first ever little feminist blog post. It was a blast to write, and cured my hangover like a dream, unbelievably.

I felt even better when I’d finished but before pressing ‘publish’, I hesitated a little.

“Oh my god,” I thought, “everyone’s going to think I’m one of them.  One of those crazy man-haters.  What will people say?  I’ll never find a husband.  They’ll flee like hunted gazelles, every one of them.”

Mid-panic, I shut my eyes and went for it.  It felt great!  And I actually ended up being dead proud of that blog post.  I knew that I’d become a part of something really special.

Now thanks to incredible female ambassadors like Emma Watson and her brilliant #HeForShe campaign, the journey towards true gender equality is fully underway.  But the fight is far from over, and we still have a long battle ahead before we can get there.

For now, I wish you a very happy International Women’s Day.  Be proud to be a feminist, be proud to be a woman!

Image sources: internationalwomensday.com, eveleblog.com


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