GUEST BLOG: University – the longest, most expensive piss-up

A lovely friend of mine is currently on her travels and has written this wonderful guest blog.  Give it a read and confirm how brilliant it is (so she’ll write more).

Seven months after graduating from Uni, you’re sat on a beach, still trying to think up some sort of genius life plan.  Three years wasn’t enough time to do this, as you were far too busy dealing with the pressing issue at hand: your hangover.  Which lasted for three years.

University really is the best experience of a teenager’s life, but after those three years fly by in what feels like three months, you’re meant to know exactly what you’re doing with your life.  Now you’re supposed to be a responsible adult with your head firmly screwed on…

What am I really passionate about in life?  Wine.  All I can think of is wine.  Followed by sex.  Brilliant.  Alcoholic prostitute.  Perfect.  Life plan sorted.

So naturally you find yourself in Thailand, feeling like Bridget Jones (unfortunately) minus Daniel Cleaver.  Everyone seems to assume that because you have an English degree, you’re obviously going to become a teacher.  Silly fools making silly generalisations.  So what did I do?  Jumped on the bandwagon and took off to Thailand to do a TEFL and teach English.

Now that those six months are over, and after deciding half way through the term that teaching wasn’t for me, we’re back to square one.  One day, a teaching assistant job can seem like an easier option for when I return home.  But then the next day I’m so sure working in mental health and counselling is my calling in life.  Or failing that, I’ve always liked the idea of journalism so thought I’d have a crack at it now, and watch it go down like a lead balloon.

So many options.  So many dreams of going back to Uni.  What is the answer?  The only decision I’m firm on right now is that I should put off the second flight home I’ve booked for this time next week, and continue to soak up the rays (obtaining third degree burns) on the beach in what is now Thai summer.

At least I’ve mastered one form of degree…

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