I think I may be the worst blogger in history. I think if I want to be a writer, I’m going to have to start coming on here more. Anyway, I’m here now. Hello. How’ve you been. Nice to see you again. etc. etc.

It is August, as you can probably work out for yourself by looking at the title of this post. August 10th 2012, which seems mad. How is it August? How? How did this happen? Where has the year gone?

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Happy June! Now it is officially summer (well, sort of – it officially kicks off on 21st June but let’s for the sake of it, pretend that it is), any normal, sane person would expect the sun to be shining, the BBQs to be sizzling in gardens, the air to smell of flowers and cut grass, the trees to be blossoming beautifully, people to be smiling, laughing, and having a great time.

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