Bravo, Poppy Smart

I’ve been quite slow keeping up with the news this week, and one thing I did catch up on yesterday was Poppy Smart’s story. ¬†If, like me, you hadn’t already heard about it, Poppy hit the headlines on Monday subsequent to a police report she made against a group of builders continually wolf-whistling at her on the way to work. ¬†Outrage ignited amongst journalists and readers alike, the general reaction to Poppy’s story plummeting somewhere in between “shit happens, get over it”, and “feminism-gone-bonkers”.

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The world is changing, and we’re all invited

When Emma Watson began her speech at the launch of the United Nation’s gender equality campaign in New York yesterday, she made a point of addressing every person in the room.

“Your excellencies, UN Secretary General, President of the General Assembly, Executive Director of UN Women, and distinguished guests, today we are launching a campaign called HeForShe.”

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