The reality of being a graduate job seeker


When I finished University last June, I was told I’d be fine.  I already had a job interview scheduled and secured for the following week and I’d worked my arse off for (the majority of) my degree.  I’d taken part in plenty of extra-curricular activities and co-edited the University magazine alongside writing my dissertation.  I’d pretty much always been employed since the age of 16 and had heaps of experience working with people.

YOU’LL BE FINE, they said.

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A generation of social networking suckers

At the start of this month, I started my third and final year of University, which I find to be very weird. In fact, if I was given a £10 note for every time I have uttered the words “I can’t believe it’s nearly all over, how very very weird” in the last four months, I imagine I’d be snapping at the heels of Mark Zuckerberg on the Forbes’ World’s Billionaire List for 2014.

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Beat the slog of exams with an alternative guide to revision

Soon to be featured in a copy of Christ Church’s student newspaper UNIfied. Have a look at previous editions at

Sadly, the exam period is upon us and I’m sure most of you will be jumping for joy at the prospect of spending the next few weeks knee deep in mind-maps, flashcards and posters, with your loyal pack of highlighters and a truck load of energy drinks to maintain your sanity.

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