Zipworld – the nearest thing to flying

The beginning of September saw myself and six friends do one of the coolest things I think I will probably ever do.

It was my best friend Alice’s idea to sign up to Zip World, home to the longest zip wire in Europe and located in the beautiful Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales. We stayed in a lovely little cottage for four fantastic days in Bethesda village, only a short distance from the seaside town of Bangor.

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When in Rome, literally.


With my holiday history on record, it’s obvious I am certainly not a well-travelled individual, primarily down to my constant lack of money and terrible organisation skills. I’ve been to France and Germany a few times and I’ve even visited Greece on a couple of occasions before it got economically flushed down the toilet. However, until last Thursday, I hadn’t actually been on a foreign holiday with my family for 11 years, so when my parents suggested a trip to Rome to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary, naturally my brothers and I jumped at the chance.

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Just to give anyone that cares a head’s up, I’m giving my blog a bit of a temporary break for now until my exams are finished. This makes me quite sad (I’d insert an unhappy face here if Blogger let me use emoticons) but it’s a sensible thing to do. Being sensible is not something that comes naturally to me, but I thought I’d give it a try. And hopefully by the time the exam period is over, I will have found something worthwhile and interesting to write about instead of aimlessly babbling like usual.

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