Bravo, Poppy Smart

I’ve been quite slow keeping up with the news this week, and one thing I did catch up on yesterday was Poppy Smart’s story.  If, like me, you hadn’t already heard about it, Poppy hit the headlines on Monday subsequent to a police report she made against a group of builders continually wolf-whistling at her on the way to work.  Outrage ignited amongst journalists and readers alike, the general reaction to Poppy’s story plummeting somewhere in between “shit happens, get over it”, and “feminism-gone-bonkers”.

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The Wyn Harness Prize for Young Journalists

In mid January, I entered for an annual competition ran by The Independent, held each year to commemorate the death of the late and great Wyngate Harness. 

Harness played the role of assistant editor of The Independent brilliantly and was considered one of the best loved figures in the history of the newspaper, a true hero in the world of journalism. Sadly, he died of an inoperable brain tumour in 2008. 

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