GUEST BLOG: University – the longest, most expensive piss-up

A lovely friend of mine is currently on her travels and has written this wonderful guest blog.  Give it a read and confirm how brilliant it is (so she’ll write more).

Seven months after graduating from Uni, you’re sat on a beach, still trying to think up some sort of genius life plan.  Three years wasn’t enough time to do this, as you were far too busy dealing with the pressing issue at hand: your hangover.  Which lasted for three years.

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Why studying English is NOT a soft option

I’ve always been a fan of English, me.  It’s my kind of subject.  It requires me to use my brain in a particular way, a way with which I am familiar and comfortable.  I love books. I love writing.  I love words.

Numbers – personally?  Not a fan.  I’ve never had a scientific brain nor do I believe I ever will have.  My Maths skills are and always have been appalling, despite receiving extra tuition when I was at school.  And it was only with the help of my best friend that I even scraped through GCSE Science.

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The reality of being a graduate job seeker


When I finished University last June, I was told I’d be fine.  I already had a job interview scheduled and secured for the following week and I’d worked my arse off for (the majority of) my degree.  I’d taken part in plenty of extra-curricular activities and co-edited the University magazine alongside writing my dissertation.  I’d pretty much always been employed since the age of 16 and had heaps of experience working with people.

YOU’LL BE FINE, they said.

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Happily ever after?

(A little piece I submitted for my Creative Writing module at Uni.)

Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived an assortment of famous fairytale characters each battling with a bout of almighty dilemmas. Fortunately help is at hand with the swish of her wand and some mighty sound advice from the one and only Fairy Godmother and her fairytale problem page.

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A generation of social networking suckers

At the start of this month, I started my third and final year of University, which I find to be very weird. In fact, if I was given a £10 note for every time I have uttered the words “I can’t believe it’s nearly all over, how very very weird” in the last four months, I imagine I’d be snapping at the heels of Mark Zuckerberg on the Forbes’ World’s Billionaire List for 2014.

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